4 - 6 years old

Dance Season 2019-2020

September - July


Pre- Ballet 1  4 & 5 years old

Tuesday 15:45 - 16:20

Pre- Ballet 2  6 years old / Introduction to Ballet

Tuesday 15:45 - 16:20 & Thursday 16:00 - 17:00 (Ballet 1)

Price includes costume for our performance in June 2020 & hair accessories. Parents must purchase the uniform for the regular classes themselves. Our students get a 10% discount in Danswinkel Den Haag.


Pre-Ballet 1 (only Tuesday) :  €440 euro (One payment) or 3 terms of €150 euro in August, December & March respectively.

Pre-Ballet 2 (2 lessons a week)€847 (One Payment) or 3 terms of €283 euro in August, November & March.


In order to keep the stability and development of the group, the registration is for the whole school year.



-Your child is emotionally mature to concentrate and pay visual attention.

-Can go to the W.C by him/herself.

-Enjoys playing with other kids without the presence of mom.

-Can share a toy without getting frustrated.

-Enjoys dancing and physical activity without the presence of mom.


In this activity, we will work with creative exercises, we will explore through the movement what our bodies can do at the same time that we work in our rhythm, strength, balance, coordination, and attention.


We are focused on creating a safe and comfortable environment where all children feel free to explore their own ideas at the same time that respecting the ideas of others. We work individually and collective combining dance training with dance games adequate for this age, and the most important... we have a lot of fun! :)


Nane Danza            

+31 (6) 18 18 07 09

The Hague 

The Netherlands

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