About us

Nane Danza is a young Ballet & Modern Dance School for Expats located in the center of The Hague. We offer dance courses in different levels to children from 3 to 13. Our lessons are in English, Spanish, Italian & Dutch simultaneously.


Our school was founded in 2016 by the dancer Nane V.Bertely, who after teaching 10 years for diverse public and official institutions, decided to start her own dance project.  See her qualifications here.


Our mission is to inspire children and adults through dance and positive consciousness. We strive to offer the best quality in dance education to help our students to develop their physical and artistic skills to their fullest potential and help them to be the best version of themselves.


We love to see our dancers enjoying and discovering the value of their effort in achieving real results. We strongly believe in the importance of letting our students know that their passion and effort are worth it, that they are already perfect and that they can be even better. Fulfilled human beings is what our world needs to be a better place for everyone. 


"We are happy and we want to make people happy through dance" .

Nane Danza                    


+31 (6) 18 18 07 09

The Hague 

The Netherlands

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