Ballet for Adults all levels

Dance Season 2019-2020

Block 3 | 28th March - 18th July



This course is perfect for dancers who want to improve their understanding and correct development of their technique. We will learn how to perform the basic steps in the correct way and prepare our bodies for future physical challenges of ballet. A good ballet basis will help you in the practice of any other style that you decide to do.

Dance, enjoy and feel like a ballerina! 


9:00 to 10:15

(28th March until 18th July - Price: €195 )

Malakkastraat 152, The Hague



11th and 18th of July

Do you want to learn ballet from the very beginning with other people of the same age? Did you join a dance course in the middle of the season and you missed the firsts and most important lessons?

Then this course is the best for you! 

On the 11th and 18th of July takes place our Introduction Ballet Workshop, where new dancers will have the opportunity to learn correctly the very beginning of ballet. Participants get priority registration to join the New Beginners course right after the Summer and continue their dance development in order. Dancers who enroll for the next season during the workshop get some tips to practice at home during the Summer and start training regularly after the holiday. Following our course since the beginning gives drastically better results in the long term. What starts good, grows good.

We want to give you enough attention, our course have limited places available and are usually early sold-out. Send an e-mail to if you want to get a notification when the registration period starts!


This course fits the personal interests of experienced dancers, you can decide to step in once in a while, to train regularly or even join our performing group and train intensively once a week. Customize your training plan according to your goals. 

A good ballet basis will help you in the practice of any other style that you decide to do. Our lesson pays special attention to the cleanliness and the quality of the movement.


We start with a gentle warm-up at the barre and floor bar, to move to the center, Allegro, and diagonals. 


The practice of classical variations at the end of each lesson will improve your musicality, dynamics, and presence, at the same time that you will feel satisfied to see how your hard work is paying off.

Saturday 10:15 - 11:30

Price: €195

Malakkastraat 152, The Hague




PERFORMING GROUP (Ballet class + rehearsals)


We offer our most advanced dancers the opportunity to perform on a professional stage at the end of the Dance Season (June). Would you like to join this group but you are not sure about the level or what to expect? Send us an e-mail and schedule a trial lesson.

Saturday 10:15 - 12:15 (Rehearsals until 20th June, after only ballet lesson until 11:30)

Price:  €269

*Ballet Int/Advanced + point shoes & rehearsal (Only for advanced dancers participating in Block 2, 3 & performance.


New advanced dancers can join the performing group only after a trial lesson.


"Nane has been teaching me ballet for only a short period of time, but I have already learned so much! She creates a fun, comfortable, but also hard-working atmosphere during her lessons. She helps you improve and just push that little further in order to grow as a dancer.  Nane is a good teacher, because she provides general feedback during the lessons, but also at the individual level. Not only does she tell you points of improvement, but also when you are growing and improving compared to previous lessons. so that you realize your hard work is paying off.

So basically, Nane her lessons get a definite 10+ on 10, so don't hesitate and join her lessons!!!"

Stephanie van der Veen - Student of Ballet for adults.

Nane Danza            

+31 (6) 18 18 07 09

The Hague 

The Netherlands

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