7 - 12 years old




Dance Season 2019-2020

September - July


*Ballet 1  7-9 years.

Tuesday 16:25 - 17:25 & Thursday 16:00 - 17:00

*Ballet 2   9-12 years.

Tuesday 16:25 - 17:25 & Thursday 17:00 - 18:15



2 lessons a week (Complete course):  €885 (One payment) or 3 terms of €295 in August, November & March

1 lesson a week (Thursday): €522 (One payment) or 3 terms of €175 in August, November & March


*Price includes costume for our performance in June 2020 & hair accessories. Parents must purchase the uniform for the regular classes themselves. Our students get a 10% discount in Danswinkel Den Haag.

In order to respect the technical development and stability of the group, registration is for the whole school year. We don't make auditions, all our students participate in our End of Season performance.

*To achieve better results, we advise practicing at least 2 lessons a week. Students who work more intensively will obtain a higher level than students who attend only once a week. Please be aware of this regarding placing and participation in the recitals.

-To work on point shoes a dancer must practice 3 times a week, to be at least 10 years old and have strong technical development. You will receive a personal invitation from the teacher when she considers the dancer is ready to go on points, you can decide if you want to join 'Prima Ballerina', our selected group for ambitious young dancers or continue dancing in our regular course.

Ballet is at the core of our dance training. We follow a strict discipline in order to achieve real results and to support the artistic development of our students. Still, we encourage creativity and self-expression for an enjoyable and motivating learning.


Your child will learn the classical technique and will improve their flexibility, balance, musicality, coordination, self-confidence, artistic sensibility and concentration while working hard and having fun with dance games.


Our classes are designed to help children and teenagers aged 7 to 21 to develop their physical and artistic skills to their fullest potential. It is never late to start, our groups are structured according to age, however, we take into consideration the level and dance experience of the student rather than the age. Health, wellbeing and enjoy while dancing is our priority.

Nane Danza            

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The Hague 

The Netherlands

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