7 - 17 years old

Dance Season 2021-2022

September - July

In order to respect the technical development and stability of the group, registration is for the whole school year. Dancers joining later during the season pay only from the date they are registered.

Ballet is suitable for children from the age 7 - 7 1/2. Admission is possible after a trial class and an interview with one of the parents. If you are interested in enrolling your child for the first time in our school, please contact us by phone or send a request by email. 

Admission possible throughout the year, after a trial class. The teacher will evaluate the physical needs of your child and will advise the group and schedule that corresponds to her age and skills. For healthy training, parents cannot choose to skip levels if a child is not ready to join a certain group.

Real results require hard work and consistency, Students who train twice or three times per week obtain a higher level than students who attend only once a week. Please be aware of this regarding placing and participation in the recitals. Private coaching and solos requests are subject to availability and the necessary level. You can contact us directly via e-mail.

-From age 10, dancers who wish to prepare to work on pointe shoes must attend at least 2 lessons per week, Developing the necessary skills and strength takes time, patience, love, and years of consistent effort. You will receive a personal invitation from the teacher when she considers the dancer is ready to try on points. 

If your child is 12 or older and doesn't have ballet experience she cannot join her age group due to safety reasons. Please contact us directly at, we can provide alternative training to learn the fundamentals and catch-up her technique, so she can join her group age when she has achieved the skills necessary to perform in a safe and healthy way.

Nane Danza is a Member of the International Dance Council, CID-UNESCO. Our dancers have the option to become members of the CID and get a certificate from the CID every time they have achieved 150 hours of training. 


*Ballet 1  (7-9 years)

Thursday 16:00 - 17:20

*Ballet 2   (9-12 years)

If you can attend only once a week, the lesson you can join is on Wednesday

Tuesday 16:00 - 17:20 & Wednesday 15:45 - 17:00

*Ballet 3  (13-17 years)

Evaluation lesson required, dancers must dominate the content of Ballet 2 to join this class.

Mandatory 2 lessons per week / we get regular visits by an external guest teacher offering the girls a different approach to the classic technique

Tuesday 17:30 to 18:40 & Thursday 17:30 to 18:50

Pointe class (13-17)

Only in combination with Ballet 3 course

Tuesday 18:40 to 19:00

Price for the whole school year. 

Ballet 1 

(Complete course 2 lessons per week/ Only by invitation):  €880 (One payment) or 3 terms of €295 in August, November & March

​(Only 1 lesson per week  on Thursday): €520 (One payment) or 3 terms of €175 in August, November & March.


Ballet 2

(Complete course 2 lessons per week):  €915 (One payment) or 3 terms of €309 in August, November & March

​(Only 1 lesson per week  on Wednesday): €525 (One payment) or 3 terms of €180 in August, November & March.


Ballet 3

2 lessons per week: €1.048 (One payment) or 3 terms of €349 in August, November & March

2 lessons per week + pointe class on Tuesday: €1.190 (One payment) or 3 terms of €398 in August, November & March

*Price includes one costume for our performance at the end of the season & hair accessories, tickets are sold by the theather. Parents must purchase the uniform for the regular classes themselves. Our students get a 10% courtesy discount in Danswinkel Den Haag.

Ballet is at the core of our dance training. We follow strict discipline in order to achieve real results and to support the artistic development of our students. We encourage creativity and self-expression for enjoyable and motivating learning. We are an amateur school and we strive to offer our dancers an artistic experience as professional as possible in a safe and happy environment. 


Our classes are designed to help children and teenagers aged 7 to 17 to develop their physical and artistic skills to their fullest potential. It is never late to start, our groups are structured according to age, however, we take into consideration the level and dance experience of the student rather than the age. Health, wellbeing and enjoy while dancing is our priority.